Cana F. McGhee


Cana (KAY-nuh) is a PhD candidate in Historical Musicology. A native Atlantan, she earned her BA from Emory University. Her undergraduate studies culminated in an Honors thesis about the role of French-language art song in the linguistic nationalist movements of fin-de-siècle France and Belgium. In particular, she investigated the emphasis on Frenchman Gabriel Fauré’s (1845-1924) mélodies in the Brussels avant-garde scene.

Much of her present work revolves around musical engagements with natural science, climate change, and environmentalisms in a variety of repertoires. Her dissertation focuses on the spectrums of silence and the identities rendered audible across a range of domestic plant care practices. Apart from her academic life, she also enjoys choral singing, long runs, and writing short stories. She is also an RA for the Harvard Faculty for Divestment (HFD) and writes program notes for the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra (A2SO). For more info, please visit