Joseph R. Jakubowski

Harvard College Fellow
Office: 307N

Joseph R. Jakubowski’s research examines time, form, embodiment, and referential meaning in music after 1945. He is particularly interested in how listeners make sense of musical form as it unfolds; the relationship of performance and the movement to musical structure and content; and the role of meter, groove, and temporality in music of various genres, origins, and styles.

His dissertation proposes cognitive and philosophical approaches to analyzing form as experience in spectral music. Current research interests include applications of event cognition to formal and experiential analysis; embodied cognition and its alternatives to standard approaches to music theory and analysis; the perception of time and emotion in ambient music; and the role of meter and groove in recent process music and indie electronica, respectively. Joseph’s research has appeared in the pages of Music Theory Online and Intégral, and on conference programs throughout North American and Europe. He received his PhD from Washington University in St. Louis.