Jacob Sunshine


Jacob is a scholar of sound cultures in the Caribbean, Africa, and the United States, and a PhD candidate in ethnomusicology. He also holds a BA in anthropology from Columbia University in New York. His current dissertation project, “Dejala Corre: The Sonic Infrastructure of Sociality on Colombia’s Caribbean Coast,” focuses on sound system (picó) culture and the African music scene in Barranquilla, Colombia and its oftentimes conflicting discourses around music, sound, and race.He’s broadly interested in the uses of technology to act on and transform urban space, the semiotics of race, histories of cross-racial mobilization, and the regulation and policing of sonic expression. Jacob is also an active electric guitarist, writer, and producer and has collaborated with a diverse array of groups and solo artists including Pear Moth, Jazze Belle, Amani Fela, EMEFE, and Ghostpal. He recently put out his first solo release, and is learning Mande guitar repertoire from Mali and Guinea.