The Music Department is comprised of 25 permanent faculty whose expertise ranges from sound studies to chant, Schubert to Schenker, the musics of South Asia and Ethiopia to contemporary improvisation, Global Pop, Musical Theater, and jazz. Forty to sixty undergraduate concentrators and 70 graduate students with equally wide-ranging interests comprise our student population. Visiting scholars and fellows, student musicians, and artists-in-residence round out the department's academic and performing community.

Visiting Faculty
Current Graduate Students
Harvard College Alumni
GSAS Alumni
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Visiting Faculty

Associates of the Department 2016-17

Noel Bisson, Harvard University
Phoebe Carrai, Harvard Baroque Chamber Orchestra
Jody Diamond, Artist-in-Residence, Gamelan Music Studio
Tom Everett, Associate
Edward Jones, Gund University Organist and Choirmaster
Mark Olson, Director of the Harvard Bands
Christopher Riedo, Fellow
Thomas Sheehan, Memorial Church
Steven Takasugi, Associate


Yo-Yo Ma, Artistic Director and Founder
Jill Horner, Curricular Advisor
Laura Freid, Executive Director
Elizabeth Keller-Tripp, Artistic Administrator
Christopher Marrion, Deputy Director

The Packard Humanities Institute, C.P.E. Bach: The Complete Works Editors

Laura Buch
Paul Corneilson
Jason B. Grant
Mark W. Knoll

Choral Administration

Andrew Clark, Director of Choral Activities
Mike Pfitzer, Choral Associate
Harris Ipock, Resident Conductor, Harvard Glee Club
Meg Weckworth, Resident Conductor, Radcliffe Choral Society
Kira Winter, Resident Conductor, Harvard-Radcliffe Collegium Musicum